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On the Rock – A story about Christian fellowship

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Craig the Crab learns the importance of sharing fellowship with other Christians.




My current project – A series of stories about Squiddy Jacobs – An ordinary boy who has extraordinary adventures!

The Squiddy Jacobs books are targeted at children between the ages of 6 and 11. They are aimed at early readers who are ready for short chapter books, as well as for confident readers who want a short, fun book to read and enjoy. They are particularly aimed at boys, however the storylines are enjoyable and amusing for girls as well.

Book 1 – The Awesome Enchanted Seashell – Meet Simon Jacobs, and learn how he got his nickname ‘Squiddy’. Simon is on holidays with his best mate Davo’s family. While playing on the beach he finds a cool shell and makes it into a fake ‘shark tooth’ necklace. But Squiddy quickly finds that this is no ordinary shell… it seems to be alarmingly attractive to the local marine life, and Simon finds himself too close for comfort with mud crabs, fish, a very friendly squid, a giant beached whale and a hungry shark!

Book 2 – The Magic Dragster Bike – Simon ‘Squiddy’ Jacobs has an embarrassing secret – he can’t ride a bike. He gave it up as too hard when all his mates got the knack before him, and now he’s the only kid his age who can’t join in with Combi Creek’s number one pastime of BMX riding. It’s ruining his life. Then one day Squiddy’s Dad gives him an ugly, old dragster. At first Squiddy hates the bike, but he quickly discovers that there’s something special about it. Squiddy can ride this bike – anyone can – even Squiddy’s dog Boofy and his best mate Davo’s baby sister! But when Squiddy and Davo take the bike to the local dirt bike track, it has a mind of its own, and they’re soon in trouble with the local bully and his gang.

Book 3 – The Super-Dooper Military Shoes – When a load of boxes fall off the back of a speeding truck outside Squiddy’s house, he tries to help with the clean up. But a second truck filled with army officers shows up and scares Squiddy half to death by threatening him to secrecy. What could possibly be in those boxes? Squiddy finds a stray box has been trapped in his rabbit trap, and he is about to discover the military’s top secret prototype for super-dooper shoes. Squiddy decides to try them out… what could go wrong?


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